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Australian Association of Group Psychotherapists Open Day

Composing the group

Saturday July 24 2021

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Past Events


Sydney Large Group
16 - 18 October 2020.



Melbourne Open Day
November 14, 2020





Brisbane Open Day (Cancelled)

August 22, 2020


Sydney Large Group

June 19-21, 2020


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Sydney Open Day and Member conference (Cancelled)

March 21, 2020

this Open Day is the first in a series ‘Taking Groupwork Seriously’ devoted to exploring the theoretical and practical underpinnings of group psychotherapy and other applications.

Open Day Conference Program

Members conference program


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November 29 and 30, 2019

John Schlapobersky   Institute of Group Analysis 


Friday 29 November 7-9.30pm
Public Lecture and Discussion


This presentation is suitable for experienced and new group therapists, clinicians interested in exploring the possibility of group work and members of the public with an interest in groups

Please note: John’s presentation will be followed by a group discussion, held in a circle.

Saturday 30 November 9am -5pm   
One day workshop for clinicians


Learning through listening and experience – the workshop will have both didactic and group based learning.

Suitable for those already working with groups and those considering it.  The learning is applicable for patients and clients in a wide variety of different settings including mental health, custodial, school, outpatient and private practices.

Mantra Hotel 568 St Kilda Road, Melbourne

Further information in the Brochure

Registration form 

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 Bookings can also be made through Trybooking. However the registration form will still need to be forwarded to vanessa.aagp@yahoo.com


 Brisbane Open Day

Saturday August 17


State Library of Queensland, Meeting Room

1B Cultural Centre,

Stanley Place South Brisbane, QLD 4101

More information here


Sydney Open Day

Saturday March 23

The Wattle Room,

North Sydney Community Centre

220 Miller St,

North Sydney

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Saturday 17th November - VAPP Building, 18 Erin Street, Richmond

Group analysis in its diversity: Applications in the wider community

Outline and Program




26th and 27th October

A 2-day exploration of groups and group psychotherapy

Why should I attend?

Do your clients ever ask

Why have my friends abandoned me?   Why am I always getting into fights with my co-workers?    Why do relationships seem so difficult?  Do other people find life so difficult? Are there other people with the same difficulties as me?  How can I do things differently?

Group Therapy goes beyond Individual Therapy in helping with these questions

Within life’s groups we play many parts and often experience ourselves in many different ways – parent, child, sibling, colleague, friend…

Our experience of ourselves influences how we participate in these groups and is in turn influenced by our participation.  How we relate to others, whether it is pleasurable or painful, productive or frustrating, in turn is dependent on how we experience ourselves in relation to others.

Group psychotherapy provides a space where these experiences can be examined.  We learn about ourselves in the moment.  We find out more about how others see us and can practise new ways of relating.  It is often very complementary to individual work and people trained to work with individual clients of course have some easily transferable skills. However group therapy is not about doing individual therapy in a group setting and  the therapist needs to understand things like

  • group process – how people influence each other both consciously and unconsciously
  • how to help group members help each other
  • how to deal with difficult situations like aggression, favouritism etc

The workshop provides both theoretical and experiential learning.  Within a group setting you will be able to learn about how to set up a group, how groups work, how to intervene, how to work with a co-therapist and about how you yourself experience what it is like to be in a group. Presentation and discussion of theory is followed by an experiential group, in which the task is to study the experience. Each block goes for 90 minutes.


Else Gingold is a clinical psychologist, psychoanalytic psychotherapist and group therapist with over 30 years of experience in clinical and educational work.

Marilyn Gross is a mental health social worker, psychoanalytic psychotherapist and a couple and group therapist with over 30 years of experience in clinical and educational work.

They have worked as co-therapists and teachers for many years and currently run 2 long standing analytic groups.  Both have a keen desire to pass on the skills and knowledge to fellow professionals, so they may also know about the wonders and benefits of this way of working.


 Workshop Details

Date: 26th and 27th October

Time: 9.30 am to 5.15pm (registration from 9am on the 26th)

Location: 91 Grange Rd Glen Huntly

Fees: $680

Early Bird $600 - 31 August  September 10 

12 hours of learning

Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea are provided.


Prior registration is essential


Enquiries:  Else Gingold 95768620

                Marilyn Gross  95968608  marilyngross@bigpond.com


More information here


Registration form 




2018 Brisbane Conference Open Day

August 11. 

VENUE: The Powerhouse - River Room 119 Lamington Street, New Farm QLD 4005

More information here




Sydney Large Group Meeting. 

June 22, 23, 24. 

The Wattle Room, North Sydney Community Centre
200 Miller St
North Sydney (behind the Council chambers)


The Large Group represents our society, its structure, organisation, processes and preoccupations in much the same way the small group represents, say, the family.  It both represents and becomes a kind of social mind, reflecting contemporary issues and concerns, modes of thinking and acting, along with opportunities for deconstruction-reconstruction, understanding and transformation. Participants (its members) take up roles and positions that have their mirror in the wider world – positions that assume the not-so-readily seen aspirations, values, politics, expectations and assumptions that members implicitly bring.  The Large Group reveals the moods and pre-occupations, anxieties, desires and fantasies we find in our daily living in the wider world as we engage in our neighbourhoods, communities and the wider socio-political discourse.

Attending to all these currents is not always easy.  Becoming aware of their impacts – even as they happen - and seeing how they influence the conduct of our lives and relationships is not always straightforward, and may even require courage.  At the same time, taking them seriously rather than dismissing them, brings all into bas relief.  This can be scintillating and empower us to engage constructively with each other as people within the contemporary world of which we are a part.

The Large Group is a structured forum which provides the opportunity for thinking, reflecting and dialogue that is not ordinarily available in everyday life. With so much going on in our world, our nation and our local communities, the Large Group becomes an experiential, real-time medium for exploration and learning about the conscious and unconscious forces that influence us in our work, our communities and the wider world.


Outline, Program, and Registration Information







Between the Writer & the Reader 6

Telling the Truth and Telling it Slant

Indigiscapes Centre, Runnymede Road, Capalaba Queensland
Saturday 24 February 2018

Outline, program and registration information



Shafer/Luiker and the Prisoner's Dilemma

Friday, 27 October 2017 6.00pm to 8.00pm - University of Sydney

Psychologists have been watching the splits form in their profession in recent years, gathering strong emotion as it goes, powered by its own self-generated steam and wondered: is this really in the best interests of our profession? Do psychologists feel no more able to intervene or know what to think than when the lines between reality-television and news media become blurred as a ...void opens up - over our Pacific Ocean - between North Korea and the US? Surely, they can do better than this as students of a scientific approach to human behaviour, you may ask? And of course they can. The "prisoner's dilemma" is a standard example of a game analyzed in game theory that shows why two completely "rational" individuals might not cooperate, even if it appears that it is in their best interests to do so. For more information click here


Saturday, 18 November 2017 - VAPP Building, 18 Erin Street, Richmond

Civilizing and De–Civilizing Influences, Refugees and the Disincentives Towards Relating Humanely to Our Global Relations

Outline, program and registration information


23-25 June 2017

Conducted by Teresa von Sommaruga Howard

The Large Group is based on an assumption that the background ’noise’ comprised of the personal, social and political happenings and events of our time impacts upon all of us as we live in the social and global domain. We may be aware or unaware of that noise and how it influences the conduct of our daily lives and relationships. The Large group is a structured, experiential forum, open to the community from all walks of life, with an interest in exploring the background themes of life as they emerge experientially. The format provides a medium for dialogue and reflection in ways that are not usually available in everyday life. Through reflection, dialogue and drawing on their own personal experiences, participants may access and recognise the conscious and unconscious socio-political forces at work within themselves, in their relationships and workplaces, in their communities and the wider society.

Outline, program and registration information

Hate and Love in Groups and Groupwork

Saturday 25 (open to all) – Sunday 26 March (members only)
North Sydney Community Centre, 220 Miller Street, North Sydney
outline, program and registration form

Fear and Loathing in Sydney - Tim Johnson-Newell

Between the Writer & the Reader V
A day of exploring some psychological aspects of globalisation, post 2016, with assistance from Shakespeare’s Richard II, and Maurice Whelan’s paper, ‘Seeing Things’

Indigiscapes Centre, Runnymede Road, Capalaba Queensland
Saturday 4 March 2017


Saturday 19 – Sunday 20 November
This meeting is for members and trainees only. The focus of the meeting is
Difficult Experiences in Groups
. There will be three presentations by members
in the morning, and a supervision session in the afternoon. Further information to follow.

BRISBANE MEETING Saturday 16 – Sunday 17 July, members only
BRISBANE CONFERENCE NOTES: summary of Mary O'Brien's presentation
Word format

Freud Conference May 21

Large Group Workshop
Analysis and the Political: AAGP invites you to a Large Group to explore the theme'Seeking Asylum' conducted by Teresa von Sommaruga Howard
Level 4, Cameraygal Building, The North Sydney Institute, St Leonards NSW
Friday 27 (evening) – Saturday 28 (full day) May 2016
outline, program and booking information

Experiential Group for Health Practitioners, Melbourne
Thursdays in 2016, 5.30–7.00pm conducted by Dr Fran Minson and Ms Mary Good
outline and further information

Psychotherapy as a Moral Endeavour
Saturday 16 – Sunday 17 April, members only
PO Box 1748, Crows Nest, NSW 1585

Between the Writer & the Reader IV
A day of words and music with Maurice Whelan: “To Infinity and Beyond” Indigiscapes Centre, Runnymede Road, Capalaba Queensland
Saturday 27 February 2016
outline, program and registration form

A Conversazione with Stephen Arcari
More things you always wanted to know about groups but were afraid to askCrows Nest Community Centre, Willoughby Road, Crows Nest NSW
Tuesday 2 February 2016, 7–9pm
outline and booking information



Saturday 14 November 2015
Beyond Gallipoli – Bion and His Legacy

presentation and conversation with Christine Brett Vickers, Allan Shafer and David Kruse
outline and program

Members only conference
Saturday 27 – Sunday 28 June 2015
outline and program

Large Group Workshop
Analysis and the Political II – 'we are all human beings after all...'

Large groups conducted by Teresa von Sommaruga Howard
North Sydney Community Centre, corner Miller and McLaren Streets, North Sydney NSW
Friday 20 – Saturday 21 March 2015
outline, program and registration form

Between the Writer & the Reader III
Another day of poetry and refection with Maurice Whelan: “Hidden Places” Indigiscapes Centre, Runnymede Road, Capalaba Queensland
Saturday 28 February 2015
outline, program and registration form


Friday 7 – Sunday 9 November, 2014
"An Illustrious Unknown Man"

Dr Paul Coombe and Dr Peter Hengstberger bring fresh thinking to the work of Trigant Burrow
on Open Morning of the Conference, Saturday 8 November
The Saturday morning of the Melbourne conference is open to non AAGP members and we warmly invite you to attend.
outline of "An Illustrious Unknown Man"
Melbourne Meeting program and booking information

Training Workshop September 20–21, 2014 (click for program)
Tara Clinic, 921 Station Street, Box Hill North, Victoria
please note Sunday session is for current trainees only
program information

A Presentation by Mr Stephen Arcarion

Open Day of the Conference, Saturday 28 June
Friday 27 – Sunday 29 June 2014
outline, program and registration form

Melbourne Reading Group
The Melbourne Reading Group meets once a month – click for further information

Freud Conference 2014
A Stranger In My Own Body

a day with Drs Domenico Di Ceglie and Giovanna Rita Di Ceglie
The Melbourne Brain Centre, Kenneth Myer Building, 30 Royal Parade, Parkville Victoria
Saturday 17 May
program and booking information

Analysis and the Political

Friday 28 - Sunday 30 March, 2014
outline, program and registration form

Between the Writer & the Reader II
Another day of poetry and refection with Maurice Whelan: “Soul Making and Sunlit Absence” Indigiscapes Centre, Runnymede Road, Capalaba Queensland
Saturday 1 March 2014
outline, program and registration form