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Due to the repercussions of COVID19, and the resultant restrictions, group psychotherapy has been significantly affected. The work of running groups has largely moved to online video conferencing.


There is a great deal of information available about this.  Here are some links and suggestions that we think of value in this process.



On the issues of confidentiality and practice guidelines, here is some recent guidance from the British Psychoanalytic Council, UK Council for Psychotherapy, and British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy about conducting therapy online.  







Many of us are finding ourselves working in a new and unfamiliar setting, with online groups. Presented by Haim Weinberg PhD, who has a wealth of experience working in this medium and has written extensively about it, this webinar provides an introduction to many of the issues which we will face, moving from circle to screen.




 Zoom has some helpful information too about how to use the technology well:





More generally have found some of the following books useful in thinking through the implications of online work:

Weinberg & Rolnick (2019) "Theory and practice of online therapy: Internet-delivered interventions for individuals, groups, families, and organizations”. Routledge.


Jill Scharff’s "Psychoanalysis online” series, also by Routledge: